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Common calls that may be handled include

  •  Urinary Tract Infections

  •  Upper Respiratory Infections/ COPD exacerbations/ Influenza

  •  Hypertensive Urgencies

  •  Diabetic Urgencies

  •  Assessment of Falls

  •  Medication General Questions

  • Drug Interactions

  • Providing Emergency Room with patient history.

  • Accepting Critical Results from daily testing

  • Providing hospital admission orders *

  • Taking routine overnight calls from hospital nurses *

Benefits of hiring a nurse answering service, as opposed to a traditional answering service include

  •  Higher patient satisfaction by having a medical professional available after hours.

  • Avoidance of un necessary ER visits that may be handled telephonically

  • Decreased staff fatigue by reducing or eliminating the amount of rotating night shifts.

In addition to triaging calls in a medical capacity we also provides traditional services of an answering service which includes

•    providing general information about the office and referrals

•    Message taking for the office

•    Patient Scheduling/Rescheduling

•    Specialty issues needing a physician paged

*exclusive nurse practitioner service