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After Hours Triage

Guardian Triage provides medical triage services for all after hours needs. Our nurse practitioners and physicians are on call to manage both routine, and complex medical issues. Our staff are experienced in emergency medicine, intensive care, post acute medicine, and home health.



Direct patient triage of acute vs chronic medical issues and escalation of care as appropriate.


  • conservative management

  • urgent care

  • hospital emergency department

  • next day appt with clinic

  • Short term medication refills

  • Serving as a resource for continuity of care in emergent situations

  • Providing 24 hour access to a provider per Medicare Chronic Care Management guidelines

Long term care facilities

Assess and treat common overnight occurrences such as

  • Assessment of falls

  • Accepting lab/ imaging results

  • Routine notifications of things such as skin and medication issues

  •  Acute changes in condition including altered mental status, new patient complaints, out of range vital signs, or general decline requiring family discussions about patient condition. 

  • After hours admissions


Our providers have over 20 years of hospitalist experience from world class teaching hospitals. 


  • Admission orders

  • Routine floor orders 

  • Order clarifications

  • Unit transfer orders

  • Discharge orders

  • Imaging/lab orders with interpretation 

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